Kultur- o Guidegruppen Karlholmsbruk

Organizes guided tours in Karlholmsbruk.

Kultur- o Guidegruppen Karlholmsbruk

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Guided tours of Karlholmsbruks mill environment

Booked groups

Throughout the year we receive booked groups for viewing. You can also order coffee with homemade bread or sandwiches in advance.

Booking for groups

Contact "Boka Uppland" via e-mail info@bokauppland.com or telephone +46 (0) 295-203 00 for information regarding the various booking packages.

Booking for private individuals

For more information, contact Kultur- o Guidegrupen via e-mail kulturoguide@karlholm.nu or by phone 072-589 21 00.

Lancashire forge

Between 1727 and 1728, the owner of Lövsta mill, Charles de Geer, built an ironworks in Karlholmsbruk. The operations in the Lancashire smithy continued until 1932, when it was closed down. Since then it has been virtually untouched.

School Museum

The school museum is located in the "schoolhouse" in Karlholm. The cottage was built in 1791 and has been used as a school for more than 100 years. The school museum has school photos from the school in Karlholm, Västland and Sandby as well as many other school supplies.


The church was built in 1737. In 1895 the church was moved from its original location, north of the manor, to its present location a few hundred meters away. The church was renovated internally in 1945. The church has had neither a belfry nor a church tower. Instead, the mill's bell tower has been used.