Ullfors Bruk

Ullfors mill was established in the mid-17th century. It is an idyllic environment by Tämnarån.

Ullfors Bruk


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Ullfors bruk

The old village

Many of the village buildings are today timely furnished and open to the public to visit. Hike along Bruksgatan among the well-preserved, red and white blacksmiths from the 18th century.


What today is called Mumblingsgården is the old inn. Mumbling is the big fall hammer that is the symbol of the Ullfors group. The house is a gathering place in Ullfors and it is rented out to other associations and private persons. Upstairs there is a photo exhibition showing pictures from the iron handling.

The blacksmith house

Each cottage had when two apartments were built 2 rooms and a kitchen and a porch. The Ullfors group's cottage is decorated as it looked at the turn of the century 1800-1900. The smith house is used at various thematic evenings during the year. The programs are varied with music cafes, storytelling evenings and in december we sing Christmas songs. In winter, the kerosene lamps are lit and the fire bursts in the iron stove.


After a major fire in Ullfors in 1901 when several houses burned down, a fire-safe archive was built. When the archive was moved in 1920, it began to be used as a mortuary for deceased persons in Ullfors.

During the years 1949-2005 the archive was empty and unused.

The Ullfors group set up a museum for the tools that remain from the iron handling.

The carpentry workshop

The carpentry workshop in Ullfors ceased to be used in the early 1950s. It stood completely untouched until 2004 when it became one of Ullfors museums. In the workshop there are lathe, band saw and planer that were powered by turbines and which can still be electrically started today.

Upstairs there is a large clockwork to the clock that sits in the middle of the roof. It is pulled up once a week and still works. On the gable of the house is the gable clock which signaled the beginning and end of the work session.

The bakery

At the old inn there is a baker's cabin with a wood-burning stove that was refurbished in 2007. It is available for rent when you contact the Ullfors group.