Pedal kayak

Book a guided tour with a pedal kayak

Pedal kayak

A nice adventure!

Experience the beautiful Dalälven river through Älvkarleby! Book a guided tour with a pedal kayak in fantastic Marmella bay!

Would you like to experience a fantastic nature experience from the water? Then a day in pedal kayak can be something for you. Here you can both get a guided tour of the beautiful nature or go out on adventure yourself. Bring your friends or family on a full or half day out on the water. From the kayak you will experience nature with its rich wildlife. If you want a real adrenaline rush then you try to pull up a large pike or salmon! You can even bring your binoculars and watch rare birds. It is easy to photograph from the kayak when you pedal yor way forward, and have your hands free.

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