Tämnarån canoe trail

Along lingering field edges and dense curtains of alder wood.

Tämnarån canoe trail

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Glide along the Tämnarån creeks

The river Tämnarån starts at Lake Tämnaren and extends to the sea at Karlholm, a distance of about 50 km. On its way to the sea, the river flows past fields, pastures and lush forest and through several beautiful and historically interesting mills such as Ullfors, Strömsbergs mill, Västland and Karlholm.

Most of the river is good for paddling, but the amount of vegetation, water depth and how fast the water flows varies greatly during the year. The least vegetation is in spring and early summer. In several places, you have to lift past obstacles such as dust hatches or stretches of flowing water. Bridges make it easier to get in and out of the river. Signs with a canoe transport symbol show the way to the next loading place. All bridges belonging to the canoe trail are clearly marked. All this together makes the Tämnarån a rather adventurous river.