Lilla Färnäset canoe trail

Short paddel trail on a small river and a lake

Lilla Färnäset canoe trail

through lush forest and open lake

In northwestern Uppland, on the border to Gästrikland, you will find Färnäset's canoe trail. You paddle through the lush forest and a little bit of lake paddling on Storfjärden. It is an easy-to-reach stretch of total 5 km, a good day trip for those who want to paddle with children. The water in the river is not streaming.

The start site is just off the road.
You paddle clockwise, away through Lerån and back in Tångsån. At the start there is a coffee table.

After a short while, an old coarse oak can be seen on the left. Here you can go ashore and enjoy coffee at the picnic table. The meadow around is kept open by mowing. It is a small remnant of the large hay meadows that previously existed on the Färnäset. This is a good place to camp.

Halfway, and out on Storfjärden, lies Fogdön. There is also a nice rest area with wind protection, fireplace and wood. The beach is steep and it can be a little tricky to go ashore if you are a beginner. The wind protection can be spent overnight, but finding a camping site on the island is not easy.

After a few kilometers of paddling on Storfjärden, Tångsån leads you back to the starting point. During the late summer when the reeds are high it can be difficult to find Tångsån. If you can't find, turn around and paddle back the same way you came.

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