Marmafjärdens canoe trail

Glide on the quiet water of the bay and experience the fantastic river landscape

Marmafjärdens canoe trail

Among singing swans and ospreys

Marmafjärden is a part of Storfjärden. An exciting nature area, rich in plants and animals. There are plenty of wetlands and small islands that provide good conditions for birds to live and breed. The fjord got its current look when Lanforsen's power plant was built in 1930 and the old agricultural landscape was demolished. There are still old, today dying trees left here, remnants from the time before the power plant expansion.

When you paddle here you can get company of Storfjärden's own trumpet virtuosos, the song swan and the cranium. The songbird breeds in Storfjärden and also breaks here during the move in March-April and in the autumn. The tran's churning trumpet fanfares are often heard by the bay.

The canoe trail is 3 kilometers long and takes about 2 hours to paddle. It has both the beginning and the end at Flottarkojan, and the leader's first wind shelter is located on Hällholmen.

Watch out! If you see a large bird of prey that almost hangs still in the air and looks for fish in the water, then it can be an osprey.

The Osprey nestles in many places in Storfjärden and is sensitive to human disturbances, especially during breeding between April and mid-July.

The trail continues through an old floating channel which is lined with dense vegetation. Here it almost feels like paddling in the wilderness. In the past, Dalälven was important for the timber float to the large sawmills. Today, the canal is one of few traces that remain from the floating time. At the entrance to the canal, the trail passes another windshield where it can fit well with a picnic.

Take care of yourself and the nature. Use life jacket and remember that the public right is both a right and an obligation.

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