A different kind of folklore museum and manufacturing of santa clauses, gnomes and trolls.


Among santa clauses, gnomes and trolls.

Söderhällgården is situated in a beautiful ironwork settlement, next door to Älvkarleö Manor and its ponds. Here, the famous Söderhälltomten have been manufactured for over 70 years. You will also find a folklore museum here.

Santa clauses, gnomes and trolls

For many years, the internationally renowned Söderhälltomte and Älvkarlebytroll have been manufactured in the site workshop. The santa clauses, gnomes and trolls are made in the same way today. Make a visit and see how the production goes. You can buy your own sample in the shop.

The associated copper lamps are also manufactured here. They are made entirely by hand in copper plates, just the way they have always been made. The lamps are equipped with beautiful glass and have electric lighting that illuminates the winter darkness.

Folklore museum

In the middle of the beautiful nature you will find Söderhällgården with a different folklore museum. In the museum you can wander around and feel the atmosphere from times past. There are period interiors from different types of craft houses and dwellings.


In the café you will find there a limited range of homemade Swedish fika, sandwiches, ice cream and sweets.

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