Lövstabruks mansion and orangery

Experience a genuine mansion environment from the 18th century

Lövstabruks mansion and orangery

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Lövstabruks mansion and orangery

Lövstabruk's manor is one of Sweden's best preserved manor environments from the 18th century.

The main building was constructed after Russian trupes came to Sweden and burned down large parts of the Swedish east coast, including Lövstabruk, in the summer of 1719 and the new building was completed in the 1730s.

The ground floor of the main building was furnished with a dining room and salon. Upstairs are bedrooms and a large ballroom. Adjacent to the main building are two wings, a kitchen wing and a guest room wing.

Guided tours in the mansion

You can for exampel see, lounges, the elegant dining room, the 18th century library, the old manor kitchen and the upstairs banquet hall and bedrooms.

Weddings and parties

In this unique environment, you have all possibilities to create a fairytale wedding - with a cermony in the old church with the magnificent baroque Cahmanorgan that is widely known or why not get married in the beautiful manor park! Subsequent dinner and party can be held in the Orangery.