Homestaed of Husbyborg

Homestead for Tierps parish's homestead association

Homestaed of Husbyborg

Husbyborg Homestaed

Tierp parish's homestead is located in Husbyborg, Gryttjom about 10 km south of Tierps köping, right next to road 600.

# Opening hours and events

In summer, the homestead is usually open on Thursday evenings for visitors. Please contact us if you want to be sure about opening hours.

During the summer various events are arranged at the homestead.

Genealogy- and local history research

If you are researching your homeland or relatives and the tracks lead to Tierp parish, please contact us.

Tierps parish local community association

was formed in 1956 and the purpose is described in a good way in our statutes:

"The association's activities include Tierp parish from Vendelsvarv in the south, to Hålgryte in the north, and from Torsvall in the east, to Hyttan in the west.

The association's task is to work to ensure that the love for and interest in the homeland and that its memories are nurtured and managed. That its distinctive nature and culture are protected so that the area's memorials and other cultural values ​​are respected and preserved as far as possible. That a natural contact between the past time and the present is arranged and that the local community association and its work come to life in the area. "

Information on historical sites in Tierp parish

On the association's website, the association provides various information about Tierp parish.

Under the heading Tierp parish history, there is more to read about some of the parish's historical places, it is the county administrative board's information signs that the association has had the opportunity to share.

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