Anxiety Pod: Sooner or later you will recognize yourself

A lecture on mental illness

Ida Höckerstrand och Sofie Hallberg

The anxiety pod

Sooner or later, recognizing yourself is about being a young adult in Sweden's harsh social climate and about the ever-growing mental illness among young people. Ida and Sofie lead you through their own experiences from their early teens and attach great importance to the fact that everything could just as easily have been about you. In the spirit of humor, they talk about what should be done to make more people dare to talk about mental illness. Why does it feel so easy to tell your friends or colleagues that you have the cold of the century, but so difficult to tell that you feel bad in the soul?

Lectures have been given for just over 4 years all over Sweden and are suitable for both young people and adults. They have lectured extensively for both high school students, parents and for people who work in different ways with and for young people, such as curators, police, field groups, politicians.