Lövstabruk Chamber Music Festival 2022

Lövstabruk Chamber Music Festival celebrates 10 years!

Lövstabruk Chamber Music Festival 2022


Sweden - In the Continents Shadow

We have reason to be immensely proud of our Swedish composers, but the vast majority of these are and have been overshadowed by the great masters of the craft originating from other countries. This year we highlight the Swedish musical heritage, and we have tried to fit as many different composers as possible the festivalprogram. We will perform music by national prides like W. Stenhammar, E. Andrée, K. Atterberg and also modern music by newborn stars like Albert Schnelzer, Andrea Tarrodi and Daniel Fjellström. One of the festivals cornerstones, is the strive to perform music which is not part of the standard concert repertoire, but deserves to be. That is why we also present music by Ika Peyron, Johan Lindegren and Knut Håkansson.

Come and visit some of our six concerts, or purchase a festival pass, which gives access to all concerts!