Leufsta Handkraft

Your local handcraftAn association of local craftsmen in the north of Uppland.

Leufsta Handkraft

Leufsta Handkraft

We are some Craftsmen and Artists who have joint exhibitions in Lövstabruk.

The mill is a very good environment, which in itself provides the right framework for our products.

We cooperate in the marketing of our products.

We are in Lilla Magasinet, Lövstabruk.

It is an impressive breadth of our range, so we can promise that there is most of what you could want from a craft sale.

During the summer and Christmas are our sales opportunities, when it is high season for us.

In the summer we are located in Lilla Magasinet and in Christmas time you´ll fins us at the market in the Orangery.

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