Visfäst på Lugnet

Small festival for music and poetry in the small village of Sätra between Marma and Västland

Visfäst på Lugnet

Visfäst på Lugnet

Ten year’s anniversary of music and poetry festival

For the tenth year in sequence we organize this small festival of music, poetry and art.

On stage:

Monica Söderberg, Le Lac Long 814, Erik Wikström, Lena Killgren, Kitty Jogenby, Toni Palmroth, Dag Palm, Magali Michaut, Daniel Östersjö & Elin Lyth with band.

Art by: Nils-Olof Engberg, Åke Blomdahl, Bengt Söderhäll and Anneli Östersjö.

Free entrance. First set outdoors in the meadow, second part indoors the old chapels big hall.

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