Billudden's nature reserve offers beautiful and special nature


Magnificent nature

Round-cut stones and orange-glowing sea buckthornes at a dazzling or roaring sea! At Billudden, Uppsala ridge goes out like an elongated headland in the sea. The Cape offers a beautiful and unique landscape with exciting plants and geology.

Natural trails

If you are a kid, then your legs may not be able to take you all the way ot to Billhamn, the old fishing village 3 kilometers from the car park. Then it is a good thing that there is much to discover along the way. A bit out on Billudden you will find Klyxenstigen, a nature trail adapted for children.

If you are able, it is well worth getting to the very end of the cape. The first three kilometers is a narrow gravel road, lined with lush greenery with many common and unusual plants. Then follow the 1.8 km long Vattenstigen trail that starts from the old fishing village of Billhamn. The trail ltakes you along the pebble beaches out to Billskaten, Upplands northernmost point, and back. Outside, the sea is open as far as the eye can see. On the way back you pass a stone square, a sign of the ongoing land uplift which is large here, about 70 cm in 100 years. The beaches are lined with sea buckthorn bushes which during the autumn make the Billudden even more beautiful with its orange berries.

If you are looking for some of the red limestone on the beach you will find fossils of extinct octopuses and trilobites. But keep in mind that Billudden is a nature reserve and special rules apply in nature reserves. For example you are not allowed to pick up stones or flowers to bring home. If you bring your dog you must have on a leash. No motor vehicles are allowed. You are allowed to make a fire or barbecue only in designated fireplaces.

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