Trollsjön in Tierp

An artificial lake outside Tierp

Trollsjön in Tierp

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Crystal clear water

Trollsjön in Tierp is originally a mountain stream that broke out in connection with the E4's new route. The uniqueness of the lake is that the rock cover was planned from the beginning and was designed to become a bathing lake after the breaking work was over.

The water depth in the artificial lake is about 26 meters, and it is now popular with divers for its clear water. At the lake there are green areas and parking areas. A ladder and handrail have been mounted along the rock wall so that those who jump in the water from the rocks should be able to get up again. There are also three bathing rafts in the lake for play and sunbathing, as well as a boat if anything happens.


The person staying in the area must be careful when approaching the slopes. You are safest behind the fence or on solid rock. One should also keep in mind that people higher up can get stones or other things to fall down on whoever is under. It is also not safe to climb up the rock walls, as some parts are weakened by the blasting work and can come loose.

Be careful if you walk around the lake and don't dive into the lake from the slopes!