03. Carl XIII - Kings walk swedish audiofile

Has given name to the beautiful bridge.

03. Carl XIII - Kings walk swedish audiofile


When people in the past traveled between Uppsala and Gävle, it was common to cross the Dalälven by ferry in Älvkarleby a bit below the falls. Many drowning accidents occurred with the ferry. There had long been talking of the need for a bridge in Älvkarleby. The first bridge was completed in 1797 but was broken by the spring flood seven years later. A new one was completed in 1816. It was named after Carl XIII, who was king when the bridge was inaugurated. However, he did not visit Älvkarleby at the inauguration.

The bridge, which still stands today, was constructed by builder Olof Forsgren, born in Älvkarleö mill. He was known as a skilled builder and Carl XIII's bridge has been called a masterpiece in the art of bridge-building. See the information board next to the bridge bracket.

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