02. Knut Eriksson - Kings walk swedish audifile

When the king teaches the people in Älvkarleby a lesson.

02. Knut Eriksson - Kings walk swedish audifile

Knut Eriksson

Knut Eriksson was King of Sweden 1167 - 1195. He was the son of Erik the Holy, Sweden's patron saint. King Knut gave the monks in Viby monastery near Sigtuna the right to fish for salmon in Älvkarleby. The residents of Älvkarleby, however, regarded fishing as their belonging and many disputes arose between the Älvkarleby farmers and the monks.

Legend has it that one of the monks, who was in charge of the salmon fishing, was pushed into the river above the falls. The monk got stuck on a cliff in the middle of the case. After a few days, he had disappeared and was later found dead in the river below the falls. The cliff is called Munkklippan. A cross is now on the rock as a reminder of the event.

The battles between the river Karleby farmers and the monks continued. The monks' fishing buildings were destroyed by embittered river villagers. King Knut Eriksson wrote a letter to "all the inhabitants of Älvkarleby" in which he reminded them that the monks had the right to fish in the river. The king sentenced the river Karleby farmers to a fine and to rebuild what they destroyed.

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