Hike in the Lingnåre Cultural Reserve, Hållnäs Peninsula

Guided hikings in archipelago and meadow land: cultural historical guidance

Photo: Linda Wickström

Cultural hiking in Lingnåre Culture Reserve

Guided hiking in archipelago and meadow land: cultural historical guidance

Follow with Christer Wesström, archaeologist, anthropologist and musician, back to the 1980s excavations in Nordstorland. In Lingnåre Culture Reserve, remains of burial grounds and house grounds, tracks after the first residents in Hållnäs peninsula. The fact that Lingnåre was destroyed around 1350 and 200 years ahead means that the place today is a largely preserved cultural landscape from Viking Time and older means.

We hike though the history along the Viking Street (0.7 km) and the slightly longer medieval path, past the grave piles, the cultivation rice and a rune stone.

The Hållnäs peninsula is located in the northernmost Uppland, with just over five miles untouched coast against the Bothnian Sea. You will find small fishing villages, a rich bird life and a distinctive and varied nature.


At 11:00 and 14:00

Limited number of participant

Booking and information Christer Wesström


We meet att the car park at the barn (exhibition about Lingnåres landscape and history)

Price 370 SEK per person

The price includes a lighter ingestion based on local produce.

Specify any special diet when notification.

This walk is part of a series of roar trains on the hold-up peninsula. Organizers are the future holds, the biosphere reserve Älvlandet Lower Dalälven and local actors.