Laxön audio guided tour

Take your narrated tour around Laxön and find out the history. Only in Swedish.

Laxön audio guided tour

Start the app and plug in the headphones and listen to the narrator's voices that give life to Laxön's story.

Follow the map and you will experience everything in the right place. The narrated tour is in Swedish.

The audio files are divided into different chapters and are numbered. Other figures on the map indicate buildings mentioned in the stories. Get your paper copy of the map at the entrepreneurs at Laxön.

Audio files

Map points

1, Turisthotellet

2, Bifrost bridge

3, Guards lodge

4, Officer dining room

5, Non-commissioned officer dining room

6, Officer villa

7, Crew Barracks

8, Deputy Commander dining room

9, Line up point

10, Tent hut

11, Crew dining room

12, Kitchen building

13, Hospital

14, Stable

15, Crew Barracks

16, Sydkap

17, Stora Hallen

18, The history of salmon fishing

19, Salmon ladder

20, The hydropower plant dams

21, Carl XIII: s bridge