Hållnäs peninsula at the tip of Norduppland - beautiful coastal nature and old cultural landscape.

Welcome to wonderful Hållnäs!

Hållnäs is located in the northernmost part of Uppland, a 230 square kilometre peninsula that juts out into the Bothnian Sea. Here is just over 50 km of untouched coast. You will find small fishing villages, rich birdlife and a distinctive and varied nature – from the pristine primaeval forest to beach meadows with great floral splendour.

Living countryside in an ancient agricultural landscape

Here is also an ancient cultivated landscape preserved, with small arable lands surrounded by stone fences that testify to the hardships and toil of previous generations.
Hållnäs is also a vibrant countryside with just over a thousand inhabitants, a rich association life and many small businesses. There are about twenty villages here and in the largest, Edvalla, there is a church, school and grocery store.

Many excursion destinations to discover in all seasons

Hållnäs has many beautiful and more or less accessible excursion destinations, a cultural reserve and several nature reserves.

Look for frog frogs in Fågelsund's nature trail and experience the orchids on Bondskäret in Ängskär in the spring.
Choose between a cosy beach slope in Gudinge or the bathing cliffs at Källarberget during lazy summer days.
Feel the power of the autumn storms at Rödhäll and taste the luminous sea buckthorn berries along the entire coast.
Enjoy the winter's mighty ice formations at Rossholm and warm up at one of the nature reserves' barbecue areas.

Whether you are a returning summer guest or visiting only during the day, there are many gems to discover, in all seasons.