Winter bath

Cold winter baths are hotter than ever and it gives you a nice energy boozt.

Winter bath

Take a cold winter bath in Norduppland

Norduppland offers fantastic opportunities for swimming all year round. If you have never tried a cold bath, you have an exciting experience ahead of you.

Most bathing sites in Norduppland are also available during autumn and winter. However, most jetties are picked up and the toilet facilities are very limited. Make sure you have good opportunities to get in and out of the water.

Put on your hat and jump in!

Tips for a successful cold bath

* Bring a towel and warm, dry clothes to put on after the bath.

* Feel free to have a towel to stand on when you get out of the water.

* A bathrobe can be nice to wrap the body in after the bath.

* Hat and mittens if it is cold.

* Breathe calmly and take control of your breathing. Take 10 calm breaths.

* Take it easy when going in and out of the water.

* Do not bathe alone. If no one is accompanying you in the water, you probably have a friend who keeps you company from the land.

* If you have previously had heart disease or high blood pressure - consult your doctor first.

Take a cold winter bath in Norduppland