Nostalgimuseum in Strömsbergs Bruk

A nostalgic museum

Nostalgimuseum in Strömsbergs Bruk

Nostalgimuseum in Stromsberg

Join us on a nostalgic journey in a unique museum, where you travel for a period of about 100 years, with everything from our old country store, old petrol station to our vintage cars in top condition.
A museum well worth a visit for all ages.
Open May-August, Friday-Sunday 11-17

Our story: Ever since Bosse was a kid he has had a hard time throwing things, but the collections started well in the 60's. But it doesn't always have to be negative to be a collector.
Ten years ago, Bo and Margareta decided to open the museum to the public. Before that, the collections had only been shown to friends and acquaintances.

The collections include everything from buttons to buses, including cars, caravans, radios, cookie jars, and bikes of all kinds. Something that keeps Bosse warm about his heart is many of the toys he has saved ever since he was a child.

Some of the things that exist in, for example, the trading booth come from Bose's uncle and grandfather's trading booth in Forsa-Hälsingland.

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