Lövstabruks kulturförening

Musik, konst, författar- och forskarmöten, aktiviteter för barn.

Lövstabruks kulturförening

Something for everyone: art, music and good conversations.

The association was founded in 2003 and operates in a classic folkbildning tradition with faith in the values ​​of knowledge, education and open conversation.

The activity is connected to Leufsta mill's history of cutting-edge technology and science, openness to the ideas of the Enlightenment - a copy of Diderot's Large Encyclopedia was found early in the library at Leufsta Manor! - the mill workers' reading associations, the local folk music, as well as the music that sounded and sounds from the unique Cahman organ in the mill church.

In our programs, we want to look back in history, forward in time and outwards towards the world.

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