Källmossa Gård

Stängt för denna säsongen öppnar igen våren 2024 Den lilla Plantskolan med kvalitet och bra priser

Källmossa Gård

Flowers, plants and herbs

Welcome to Källmossa's commercial garden in Slada Hållnäs. Here is a small commercial garden that is accessability adapted so that everyone can enjoy the whole greenhouse.

Opening hours

Tuesday-Friday: 10-18
Weekends: 11-15
Mondays: closed


Here are vegetable plants, annuals, summer herbs, herbs, perennials and medicinal plants. There are also plantings in nice pots and amps to buy ready.

We have a lot of common and unusual varieties, but relatively few of each because we are a fairly small commercial garden with limited stock, so arriving early in the season is recommended. There is also a small selection of birdhouses, pots and planting soil of fine quality.

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